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Best Android APK Download Sites 202: APK Mirror, Getmodnow, Aptoide, and More

Тема в разделе "Игры", создана пользователем EdGoodwin, 16 фев 2023.

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    16 фев 2023
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    What is an APK?

    APK stands for Android Package and all the Android apps have this .apk file extension. On Android, all apps come with this extension. An APK file will have all code of the app, resources (images, videos), resources, assets, certificates, and manifest file.

    Best Android APK Download Sites

    APK Mirror
    One of the most trusted sites to download APK, APK Mirror is founded by the same person who is also the founder of the Android Police, a popular news and review website globally. The website comes with a very easy to use and easy to understand download with a bunch of options to download the APK. On the home screen, you get the latest uploaded APK on the site and you can also manually search for the app you want or select the app based on category.
    It is worth mentioning that, on APK Mirror, you get all apps that are available for free to download on Google Play and not any paid apps for free or modded apps.
    Overall, this is the best site to download APK for Android and we highly recommend this website.

    Getmodnow is another good alternative to download APK on Android. This website provides a safer and more secure way to download any app you want from the website. Like APK Mirror, this also offers all the free apps and games without adding any patches or mods. There is also an option to download the previous version of the app, which can come in handy at times. The website also verifies the app’s legitimacy before listing by using SHA, which ensures the certificate is safe and the app won’t cause any harm. If they find any apps to be harmful, the company will not push it to the site. Additionally, the website also shows you the screenshots, tags, developer and requirements, just like the Play Store.


    Aptoid is one of the OG websites to download APKs. The site has over 300 million users worldwide and has achieved over 7 billion downloads. This website, unlike the two sites mentioned above, comes with unrestricted content and an opportunity for users to create and share their own store, which in turn lets users add modded APKs to the site as well. This is also not a unique and centralized store, instead, each user manages their own store.

    The site also offers something called AppCoins, which allows developers to gain more revenue share. This is built on blockchain technology. We recommend you to go ahead to this website only if whatever you’re looking for is not available on APK Mirror and APK Pure sites, just to be safe.

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